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I have a dog

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I had a long day trying to write my paper. I read about so much domestic violence that seeing some things tonight made me say “nope, thats the not the worst”

Also, after three weeks I finally figured out what my topic was about.

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April has started off so wonderfully.

There are 24 days until my birthday!
No one pranked me yesterday. The new Manchester Orchestra CD came out yesterday. I picked it up today. I got a 99/94 on my test. I picked up my free birthday mascara from Ulta. I applied for two jobs. I got my medicine. My room is still clean.

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So I got my potentially first fever from gluten

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I bought easter chocolate cause it was crisp and its one of my favorites.
I already knew the milk was going to get me sick… however I ate half the bar before checking the ingredients…

it has barley and malt.

I am an idiot… how am I still alive

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I feel a lot better today. I’m hoping I stay this way

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